Explore a variety of tools for implementing BioInteractive resources in the classroom.

A series of images overlaid with a cartoon of an interactive video and a finger pointing at the last pause point.

Interactive Video Builder

This tool can be used to add pause points, questions, and labels to any BioInteractive video. It also includes a library of ready-to-use videos with embedded questions.

Staircase with anchoring phenomena written at the bottom, lessons 1 through 5 written on the steps and a green arrown at the top pointing up that says final explanation.

Storyline Viewer

Plan, implement, and visualize coherent lesson sequences, or storylines, driven by students' questions about phenomena.

Teal square with outlines of cells and chemical symbols

Resource Playlists

Browse ordered sequences of BioInteractive resources designed by educators to cover a course, unit, or lesson. Each sequence includes notes describing how to implement it in the classroom.