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A Genetic Treatment for Sickle Cell Disease

This video presents an intriguing phenomenon: two patients who carry the same genetic variation, which is known to cause sickle cell disease, have very different outcomes.

Spread of a Lactase-Persistence Allele

This activity guides the analysis of a published scientific figure from a study that investigated how human populations might adapt to milk consumption, both genetically and culturally. 

What Causes Different Fur Colors?

In this inquiry-based activity, students investigate the phenomenon of fur colors in rock pocket mice to connect genotypes to phenotypes and molecular genetics to evolution.

Stressed-Out Corals

This activity explores images of a coral bleaching event, which serve as phenomena for learning about marine ecosystems, human impacts, and climate change.

Teaching About Infectious Diseases Using the 5E Model

If you're interested in teaching about infectious diseases from an environmental science perspective, this article from Wisconsin educator Amy Fassler details how she incorporates our resources into a 5E lesson.

Priming and Prioritizing Facilitated Discussions

If you're interested in using facilitated discussions to promote scientific literacy and empower students to make evidence-based decisions, this article from professor Holly Basta details how she restructured her course to promote student questioning and talk.