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Energy Flow through Ecosystems

This Click & Learn traces the flow of energy from the Sun all the way to cells within organisms. The embedded questions and calculations guide students’ understanding of how energy is distributed through a variety of ecosystems.

Exploring Keystone Species

This Click & Learn shows that keystone species exist across a variety of ecosystems and can exert their influence in different ways.

Interactive Exploration of Coral Bleaching

The added information provided at pause points within the animation Coral Bleaching allows for a richer exploration of coral reefs, symbiosis, and other topics in biology.

Evolution Course

This asynchronous course is designed to deepen educators' content knowledge in evolution, especially regarding content appropriate for teaching at the high school level.

Central Dogma and Genetic Medicine

This interactive module uses the central dogma as a model for exploring how modern molecular biology technologies can be used to treat different genetic conditions.

Virus Explorer

This interactive module explores the diversity of viruses based on structure, genome type, host range, transmission mechanism, replication cycles, and vaccine availability.