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Preserving Maize Genetic Diversity

This video follows germplasm bank coordinator Cristian Zavala Espinosa and geneticist Sarah Hearne, who are part of the global effort to preserve the genetic diversity of maize (corn).

From Dog DNA to Human Diseases

This video follows biologist Elinor Karlsson, who studies dogs to find genes associated with traits, including certain diseases.

Crash Course Biology in Collaboration with BioInteractive

HHMI BioInteractive is a proud collaborator on a new project that reimagines the original Crash Course Biology series. In this article, science communicator Hank Green discusses how this collaboration will deliver value for both students and teachers for years to come. 

Model Builder

This interactive tool introduces students to building scientific models. Educators can use the tool to create assignments and, in some cases, automatically grade student models. 

Wildlife Overpasses

This activity explores an image of a wildlife overpass crossing a major highway, which serves as a phenomenon for learning about habitat fragmentation and conservation.

Biomolecules on the Menu

In this Click & Learn, students explore the process of digestion and how it connects to metabolism and cellular respiration. 

Modeling Disease Spread

This interactive module can be used to model infectious disease spread in a population. It includes background on the SIR model and two simulators for modeling disease spread on different scales. 

Energy Flow through Ecosystems

This Click & Learn traces the flow of energy from the Sun all the way to cells within organisms. The embedded questions and calculations guide students’ understanding of how energy is distributed through a variety of ecosystems.