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Canine Conservationists

Dogs are sniffing out dwindling populations of koalas and helping scientists eliminate invasive foxes that devastate native sea turtle populations.

Salamander of the Gods

Scientists and farmers in Mexico City are working together to conserve the axolotl. Another team is partnering with salamander-breeding nuns to save a closely-related species—the achoque.

Coffee for Water

Deforestation on Mozambique’s Mount Gorongosa threatens the watershed of Gorongosa National Park. Park experts and local farmers are planting coffee to restore the forest.

Analyzing Pedigrees

In this activity, students interpret several pedigrees of autosomal dominant and recessive conditions and consider the benefits and limitations of genetic testing.

The Beautiful Undammed

After a dam removal on Washington’s Elwha River, scientists are chronicling a story of ecological rebirth. Recovering salmon populations are transferring critical nutrients from the ocean into the forests, enriching the entire ecosystem.

Woodpecker Wars

Scientists, soldiers, and landowners collaborate to save the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker at a North Carolina army base.

Beaver Fever

The return of beavers to the British countryside is boosting biodiversity, reducing storm-induced flooding, and restoring wilderness to an over- manicured landscape.

The Impact of Wildfires

In this activity, wildfires and how much area they burn serve as a phenomenon to guide student inquiry, which includes evaluating data and developing scientific claims.

From Dog DNA to Human Diseases

This video follows biologist Elinor Karlsson, who studies dogs to find genes associated with traits, including certain diseases.