High-quality science teaching is essential to the health of our society and planet. BioInteractive is committed to empowering educators through free, evidence-based professional learning and development.

We invest in the professional development of high school and undergraduate educators to promote scholarly teaching and build leadership capacity across the science education community.

Our professional development workshops and online courses emphasize access for all students and incorporate research-supported teaching strategies in combination with BioInteractive classroom resources that actively engage learners in science practices. Annually, we offer over 200 professional development workshops across North America aimed at promoting conceptual understanding and building students’ science skills and competencies.

BioInteractive supports and collaborates with a community of expert science educatorsーHHMI BioInteractive Ambassadorsーcommitted to advancing our shared mission and values. All BioInteractive professional learning and development efforts are created and conducted in partnership with educators and academic institutions. 

Three educators doing a classroom activity at a workshop.

Engaging with Science Practices

“I am so excited to take the resources and the strategies that they gave us in the workshop back to my colleagues because data analysis and mathematical models is something that we are really trying to work on in my district.”
- workshop participant, NSTA
Three educators doing a classroom activity at a workshop.

Creating Inclusive Learning Environments

“I’ve been to HHMI workshops before and they have always great content, but I found this really helpful for establishing some better routines and ways to help more of my students have a voice in my classroom.”
- workshop participant, NSTA
Three educators working on a classroom activity at a workshop.

Experiencing Resources from Students’ Perspectives

"We get to explore stuff and ask the questions and answer the questions just like our kids would, which is why I completely fell in love with your work, because if I hadn't gone to the professional development, then I don't think I would have used it anywhere near as much as I do.”
- workshop participant, NYCDOE
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Online Courses

Inclusive Teaching

This asynchronous course aims to deepen educators’ knowledge of inclusive teaching practices. The course was designed with undergraduate introductory life science educators in mind, but components of the course will resonate with educators in other contexts.

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