BioInteractive collaborates with a variety of science content providers to increase student engagement with science and instill wonder and hope about the living world.  

Logo that says Crash Course Biology + Biologia in collaboration with HHMI BioInteractive

Crash Course Biology

Explore the biology video series that we’re producing with Crash Course, a popular YouTube education channel. The series includes 50 engaging videos, both in English and Spanish, covering fundamental topics for general high school and AP-level biology courses.

Image of a person looking at a frog with the text "Wild Hope"

Wild Hope

Wild Hope is a video series produced by HHMI's Tangled Bank Studios highlighting the intrepid changemakers who are restoring and protecting our planet. The episodes (all under 30 minutes in length) feature a diversity of people and settings and connect to topics in biology and environmental science. 

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Science News

Browse science news articles by the AP and The Atlantic connected to BioInteractive classroom resources, which can be used to infuse current events into teaching.

Photo of Karletta Chief taking water samples


This 12-episode documentary series follows women in a variety of STEM careers. Each episode is about 10 minutes long and blends deeply personal stories with innovative scientific research.

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Films to Inspire

We offer a collection of documentary films by Tangled Bank Studios and other filmmakers to be shared with students and their families. These films provide glimpses into the hearts and lives of scientists and aspiring scientists.