BioInteractive's Online Community is a central destination for life science educators to share expertise and resources, access teaching tools, curate resource collections, and engage in professional learning.

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We created the Community to:

  • Promote dialogue and connections between educators from diverse backgrounds and contexts so that they can learn from one another.
  • Provide a space for educators to find and publish resources, and share their experiences implementing them.
  • Foster a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive professional community where the perspectives and contributions of all are valued.
  • Make it easy for educators to find and store useful content in one place to save time. 
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Community Features

Find and network with members of the Online Community who share your interests and tap into their expertise by:

  • joining community groups and participating in discussion threads
  • browsing the Community Directory and member profiles
  • direct messaging other members individually or in groups

Access an expanding collection of new teaching tools exclusively available via your Online Community account, including:

  • Interactive Video Builder: Turn any BioInteractive video into an “interactive video” by adding pause points, questions (multiple choice, true/false, or free text), and labels. This tool also includes a library of ready-to-use videos with embedded questions.
  • Assessment Builder: (Coming soon!) A crowdsourced database of high-quality assessment items aligned to Introductory Biology, AP Biology, and AP Environmental Science.


Explore a growing repository of classroom-ready resources contributed by educators in the Online Community and connected to BioInteractive content. Publish your own work in the library and receive a unique, citable Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Educator Library resources are either:

  • modifications that directly edit, adapt, remix, transform, or build upon one or more Biointeractive or Educator Library resources
  • new resources/original materials designed to be used with at least one BioInteractive resource


Organize and sequence your favorite BioInteractive resources in the following ways:

  • My Resources: Save and easily locate your go-to BioInteractive resources, Educator Library resources, and partner content via your custom, easy-to-access dashboard.
  • My Playlists: Create annotated sequences of BioInteractive resources to plan your courses and share with students or other educators.


Educator Verification

To ensure discussions and resource sharing in the Online Community are educator-to-educator, BioInteractive will verify educator status for each Community member.

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