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Logo with the text Biology Crash Course in collaboration with HHMI BiointeractiveHHMI BioInteractive is a proud collaborator on Crash Course Biology and Biología, a new project that reimagines the original Crash Course Biology series that was released in 2012 and makes engaging biology videos available to a wider audience. This new project will consist of two 50-episode series — one in English (Crash Course Biology), and one in Spanish (Crash Course Biología) — covering fundamental topics for general high school and AP-level biology courses.

Through this collaboration, Crash Course Biology and Biología will reflect current priorities in science education while maintaining the levity, humor, and energy that are hallmarks of Crash Course videos. The series will also highlight new scientific advances; emphasize the process of science, including social aspects; and increase access and relevance for all students. 

As part of our commitment to creating more accessible content, the English and Spanish series will be released simultaneously. More than just a direct translation, the Spanish series is adapted from the English series and includes culturally relevant stories and examples presented by a Spanish-speaking scientist. 

What You Can Expect

This page will be the home for Crash Course Biology on BioInteractive. Here, you will find links to all the episodes, which will be released weekly. Most episodes will include links to relevant BioInteractive resources and activities. As always, we look forward to your feedback and ideas for additional resources. 

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English Host

Sammy Ramsey

Dr. Sammy Ramsey is an insect researcher, science communicator, and an endowed professor of entomology at the University of Colorado Boulder. His past research has focused on predatory and parasitic insect relationships. As a science communicator, Dr. Sammy uses social media to inspire the next generation of curious minds to fall in love with STEM.
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Preview: Crash Course Biology #00

Welcome to Crash Course Biology! Over the next 50 episodes, we’ll find out how you are connected to every bug, bat, and bacteria that has ever lived. From itty-bitty cells to vast global systems, we’ll see how biology can help us understand ourselves better—and our relationships with the living (and non-living) things all around us. Now I know some of you might be thinking: “Didn’t you already do a Biology series?” Yes, we did. But we’re using everything that we’ve learned over the past decade of Crash Course to make you an even better series. Biology 2.0, if you will. Extra-shiny!

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Introduction to Biology: Crash Course Biology #01

Biology is the study of life—a four-letter word that connects you to 4 billion years’ worth of family tree. The word “life” can be tricky to define, but a shared set of characteristics helps biologists identify living things. In this episode of Crash Course Biology,  you’ll learn how all of life is connected, and why studying biology can help us better understand ourselves and our relationship to all living things.