Spanish versions of these resources are also available for download (en Español).

Para descargar las tablas de datos en español, usa los enlaces en la columna de la derecha.

The table below provides links to the data files for the 28 coral reef locations used in the activity. Click on a link to download the temperature data for that site. Use the ZIP file at the top of the list if you want to get the data for all the sites. These data are from NOAA’s Coral Reef Watch website and have been formatted for ease of use.

Location  Data File Data File (ESP)
All Data
Asuncion Island Asuncion.xls Asuncion_ES.xls
Abul Thama, Bahrain Bahrain.xls Barein_ES.xls
Barbados Barbados.xls Barbados_ES.xls
Fernando, Brazil Brazil.xls Brasil_ES.xls
Cayman Islands Cayman-Islands.xls Caiman_ES.xls
Chagos Archipelago, UK Chagos-Archipelago.xls Chagos_ES.xls
Clipperton Island, France Clipperton-Island.xls Clipperton_ES.xls
Hurghada, Egypt Egypt.xls Egipto_ES.xls
Beqa, Fiji Fiji.xls Fiyi_ES.xls
Florida Inshore Shelf Florida-Inshore-Shelf.xls PlatCont-Florida_ES.xls
Galapagos Galapagos.xls Galapagos_ES.xls
Santa Rosa Reef, Guam Guam.xls Guam_ES.xls
Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef LizardIsland-GreatBarrierReef.xls Lagarto-GranBarrera_ES.xls
Martin, Florida Martin-Florida.xls Martin_ES.xls
Midway Atoll, US Midway-Atoll.xls Midway_ES.xls
Oahu, Hawaii Oahu.xls Oahu_ES.xls
Ofu, Samoa Ofu.xls Ofu_ES.xls
Okinawa, Japan Okinawa-Japan.xls Okinawa_ES.xls
Muscat, Oman Oman.xls Oman_ES.xls
Palmyra Atoll Palmyra-Atoll.xls Palmyra_ES.xls
Paracel Islands, China Paracel-Islands.xls Paracel_ES.xls
El Nido, Philippines Philippines.xls Filipinas_ES.xls
Pulu Keeling, Australia Pulu-Keeling-Australia.xls Pulu-Keeling_ES.xls
Reunion Island, France Reunion-Island.xls Isla-Reunion_ES.xls
Arnavon, Solomon Islands Solomon-Islands.xls Salomon_ES.xls
Spratly Islands, Philippines Spratly-Islands.xls Spratly_ES.xls
Bar Reef, Sri Lanka Sri-Lanka.xls Sri-Lanka_ES.xls
Tarawa, Kiribati Tarawa.xls Tarawa_ES.xls